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Safwah Publications

Safwah Publications is aimed at providing the common man with simple yet inspirational articles and stories on key Islamic concepts.

All of our work is first proofread by learned and experienced scholars of Islam before presented to readers. Safwah literally means that which is pure and chosen, thus defining the essential standard we try to maintain while preparing our content.

We ask Allah to keep our intentions, along with our content, unalloyed and always pure, Ameen.


“I strongly recommend this book for young educated Muslims. In an age of chaos our youth are obsessed with the myths and symbols of the modern world. It is imperative for them to connect with the heritage of Islam. This book is eminently suited for beginners struggling to learning about Islam. The language is simple yet effective.”

Sajida Baji Madrasah Ayesha Siddiqua

“While traversing the path of life, many a time its overwhelming distractions and delusions make our real purpose of existence hazy and relegates the focus on the Hereafter to a mere backbencher on our list of priorities. The essays in this booklet wrench us out of our heedlessnes to correct our short-sightedness and bring into focus the most essential of life-lessons. A must-read and a very beneficial effort, MashAllah!”

Zawjah Farid, The Intellect Magazine
“مصروف خواتین اور حضرات کے لیے یہ مختصر کتابچہ بہت مفید ہے۔”

مولانا عبد الستار حفظہ اللہ سرپرست جامعہ بیت السلام
“یہ کتابچہ مختصر مگر بہت جامع ہے جو انتہائی سادہ اور موثر انداز میں ایک فرد کے لئے مقصد حیات اور اصل منزل کو واضح کرتا ہے۔”
شجاع الدین شیخ امیر تنظیم اسلامی



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