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“O Allah, put barakah in my offspring, and in the offspring of my offspring, and in all their generations to come till the Day of Judgment. O Allah, please make all of them righteous.”

After witr prayers, the father would make this dua aloud and the rest of the family would say ameen. Then he would look at his children and say, “The reason why I pray for you and your children is because I love you and them.”

But then it wasn’t long before death suddenly approached him and within a single day the mother became solely responsible for seven children of different ages. Her husband had always given her utmost love and comfort but all matters were now in her hands. She looked at her children as they were fast asleep after an exhausting and painful day – they had seen their father passing away and being buried in front of them. As her tears streamed down her cheeks, she cried upon Allah from the depths of her heart, “Ya Raheem, there is none for me but you now. You are The Ever-Living who will never die, thus please help me and grant me strength and tranquility.”

She then fell asleep which was a mercy from The Most Merciful. Months and years passed as she brought up her orphaned children with the help of Allah. Tahajjud was her refuge while the Quran was her strength. She could feel Allah’s grace and bounty as her children grew up and she found suitable matches for them as well. All of her children were following their father’s footsteps, all except for one son.

One of her sons went astray and the harder his mother tried to bring him back, the further he strayed. He stopped praying and reading the Quran and lost himself in evil company. She was about to leave him to his fate and just worry about the rest of her children, but then she remembered how her husband would pray for his children, and the children of his children that they all stay steadfast on the straight path. She thought to herself that her husband really was a righteous soul, and Allah is no doubt The All-Hearing and Ever-Responsive. Thus she had hope in Allah that He would grant her husband’s dua and return her son to her. Her children would tell her to stop worrying and to forget about him because there was no hope in him now. But she would reply by saying that she had hope in Allah and she would recite the ayah, “Indeed only the disbelieving people despair of Allah’s mercy.” (Yusuf: 87)

The young man eventually left his family home and started living separately in an apartment, far away from the sight and reach of his mother. But she continued to pray to Allah to guide her son and grant the dua of her deceased husband. And thus thirty three years passed. During all these years, because he had drawn so far from Allah, the situation of her son continued to deteriorate both health-wise and productivity-wise. The whole family was worried for him as she would plead him to return to his faith, but his ears and heart remained unmoved and indifferent to her calls. But his mother still remained hopeful and all she would say was, “I believe that his father was a righteous person, and his dua has for sure been granted and Allah will return my son to me in the most beautiful way.”

The Return of the Son

When the mother reached seventy years of age Allah allowed her to go for umrah in the month of Ramadan. She spent her entire umrah praying for her lost son. Then by the will of The Creator, a miracle took place which we may never be able to fully comprehend but we can simply watch on in astonishment.

The young man returned to his Lord and began to completely change himself. He left his evil company and began praying as well as reading and understanding the Quran. SubhanAllah, the matters of hidayah are truly amazing. He wanted to now make up for all the years he had wasted with Shaitan and start working and get married. But the problem was that he was almost fifty now and he had no experience whatsoever in any field. But his mother still had hope and continued to ask Allah for help.

One day her daughter came to her and said, “Ummi, we need some human medium as well if we want our brother to start working. I’ve spoken to a woman who owns a flourishing business, I told her about him and I’ve held a get together today in which I’ve invited her as well. Please talk to her about our brother because I’m hopeful that she won’t refuse your request.”
The mother really did attend the gathering and met the businesswoman who was so impressed by the mother that she accompanied her till her car as she was leaving. The daughter later spoke to her mother on the phone and asked her if she had gotten a chance to talk about her brother. The mother replied:

“When the woman accompanied me to the door Shaitan told me to mention my son’s need to her. But I refused and said that I will never ask anyone but Allah for help. Then as further pressure, she accompanied me till my car. After helping me sit inside she looked at me with a smile and said, ‘Is there anything you would like, dear mother?’ I was just about to speak and Shaitan was insisting that I do, but then I decided that by Allah I will only seek help from Allah, not from a human being who is herself powerless in front of Allah. And Thus I spent the whole night praying to Allah the One and Only.”


SubnahAllah! Nothing can come between Allah and a person’s conviction in Him. Everyone witnessed the power of The Almighty as her son amazingly got a job in a company which was in need of employees. “His command is only when He intends a thing is that He says to it, “Be,” and it comes to be.” (Yaseen: 82) Her son then began working and The Most Merciful also allowed him to get married. Thus Allah removed all of his mother’s worries and all the people who came to attend the wedding were in utter amazement as they looked at him and said, “SubhanAllah, Allah is truly the One who gives life after death.” It really was as though Allah had revived her son, all because of his mother’s conviction and trust in Him and the dua of her deceased husband. And no doubt that his dua is still roaming freely in the air, crossing horizons and waiting for its Creator to allow it to settle in the souls and bodies of those whom it was meant for.

Somaya Ramadan Ahmad

Translation: Zainab Wasay

*This translation has been posted on this page with the consent of its original author.*

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