27 August 2021


Covid-19 is just one of the many pandemics this world has seen. Our world has gone through all sorts of circumstances and it’s a witness to all the delights and sorrows its inhabitants have experienced – both at global levels as well as on individual levels.

The earth and sky and everything around us shares with us all our joys and griefs. They’re Allah’s creation just like we are, and so they feel for us and even develop strong feelings for any pious soul they encounter. The Prophet (Salla Allahu alaihi wa Sallam) said: “Whenever a believer dies in isolation with no one to cry for him then the heavens and earth cry for him.” (Tafsir Tabari) On the contrary, it resents all those who spread evil and disruption. Thus “the heaven and earth wept not” for Pharaoh and his army when they drowned in the sea, (Ad-Dukhan 44: 29), rather they were relieved to get rid of them.

The world around us is a silent observer of all that takes place in front of it. And a day will come when “it will describe all its happenings” (Az-Zilzaal 99: 4) as it will give testimony to all the good and bad it beheld. Which is why when Ali (radi Allahu anhu) would empty the Bait-ul-Maal, he would say: “I ask you to bear witness (on the Day of Judgement) that I filled and emptied you only with justice.”

Today, our world is watching as Covid-19 affects the lives of millions of Allah’s creations. But that’s not all it’s seeing; it’s also seeing the reactions of the creation. It’s seeing how this pandemic is bringing out the best and worst in us. It’s seeing how many of us are availing the opportunities Covid-19 has provided us with and how many of us are not. It knows better than us for whom the current situation is a reminder, a time to reflect, a sign, a punishment or a blessing – because it knows what each of us was doing and going through before this.

And, perhaps, it’s also hoping that this pandemic will allow us to reconnect with our Creator. Just like it’s been following the laws of the Creator and has thus been running peacefully for the past thousands of years, when we too submit ourselves to Him and follow the guidelines He’s sent to us we’ll also be in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings – both in this life and that to come.

In the Hereafter, may the heavens and earth bear witness to positive changes Covid-19 brought in us and is yet to bring inshaAllah.

Zainab Wasay